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Times Of Reality is a premium digital platform offering important and useful information and news about sports, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, health & fitness and much more. The reason behind starting Times Of Reality is to deliver latest, point to point and unbiased news. We are truth-seekers & storytellers.  Our team works very hard to deliver high-quality content. We are available on YouTube also, you can subscribe to our channel to get videos of sports, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, health & fitness and much more. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get regular update.

Preyanshu Bisht - Times of reality

Preyanshu Bisht

-Founder & Content Writer

Pursuing Bachelor of Technology with Computer Science as major. Preyanshu’s fierce intentions of doing something righteous and informative, made him come up with the idea of this website. He goes by the saying that “When you feel like stopping, think about why you started” and that’s what kept him going ahead and achieve success in every field. 

Deeksha Rajput


-Founder & Content Writer

An engineering student with a lot of potential, she is a great example of “Jack of all Trades”. Every new idea looks crazy at first so was this website but her dedication and hardwork has made this project possible. 

Our Team

Isha - Times of Reality


-Content Writer

Isha lives a life where no worries or tension exists. Inshort she lives her life with immense enjoyment. She is currently working in HCL Technologies and pursuing BCA as work integrated degree along with her job.

Avik Gupta - Times of Reality

Avik Gupta

-Content Writer

A Bachelor of Computer Applications, Avik is creative and hardworking at the same time. He is highly ambitious and he believes that life is a self-spirited project where there is always a scope of improvement.

Ainil Percy - Times of reality

Ainil Percy

-Content Writer & Artist

Ainil a great soul, a good artist & a very good singer, with a living personality. She lives every moment of her life. Drawing and Singing has always been close to her in her life. Recently she is doing bachelor in radiography form Delhi. A girl with the happy soul, having ambition to become a good person.

Shreya Soni - Times of Reality

Shreya Soni

-Content Writer

Shreya is very hardworking and focused towards every major or minor aim she pursues. Her love for animals is unmeasurable. She is an undergraduate student at IP University, pursuing Engineering in Computers.

Kanishka Sharma - Times of Reality

Kanishka Sharma

-Content Writer

Kanishka dances to the songs in her head. She loves writing with all her heart. She knows how to add pizzazz to deadly dead sentences. She is pursuing computer Science Engineering and is good at SEO. Ask her for keywords or just lose the chance of attracting more traffic.