In this article you will get to know about HOW TO REGISTER IN A SINGING COMPETITION, and Tips for the Registrations and Auditions.

If you want to take part in a Reality Show singing competition like  Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Voice Indian, Indian Idol etc… then you have prepare yourself for a very tough competition because in Indian everyone loves music and deep inside everyone has a dream to perform on a stage.

In this article we will cover about the procedure for registrations and auditions for any reality singing show and tips for that so you will have a good chance to get selected.



First Step

Firstly you will have to register yourself in competition by filling the Registration Form which is generally uploaded on the Channel’s Website or Show’s Website. Make sure you fill it properly, check the age limit and read all terms and conditions carefully. After filling the Registration form you will have to upload your singing video.

Second Step

In the second stage you have to record your singing video for approx. 1-2 min. (max. 3 min. depending on the rules) and given size (ex. 50 mb). Tip: make sure that you don’t use any additional music and do not edit your video. Secondly, Make sure that there is no background noise in the video and most important and basic mistake that many do that, in their video there is sound of echo because of singing in a close room, So make sure you avoid that.

Third Step

After uploading the video your work is over, Now the Team will get in touch with you if your video gets selected. Your chances for the selection of video will be increased if you follow the tip given in last section.

Fourth Step

After the selection of video you will have to go for the auditions at the center. There you will have to register yourself again, this time the team will help you but do carry your Id Proof and Photographs. After the registration you will have to face several rounds and finally you face the judges and you will have to impress them with your singing talent. Tip: While going for auditions make sure you prepare 2-3 songs by heart. Do not pick any difficult song unless you have confidence that you can sing it very well.

Fifth Step

If the Judges are impressed and you got selected then You Finally made It and no-one can stop you from becoming a star. In case you didn’t make it, don’t get depressed or feel inferior, practice more and try again next time. There is no limit on number of tries.

Best of Luck !

Hope you get, what you deserve.



Every show have different format, So the details and procedure may vary. We have told the steps which most shows follow. On the basis of number of entries, the show can add more rounds in the competition, So you have to qualify all of them to get entry in the final auditions. So don’t be fully reliable on the article. Carefully read the rules and terms of conditions.

Preyanshu Bisht

Founder and Author of Times of Reality. Undergraduate student at IP University with Computer Science as major.


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    Thanks for the information, I have been searching this for soo long, finally someone wrote about this. It would be better if you would have provided more details about it.

    • July 14, 2020 at 3:11 pm

      Thanks for your valuable feedback. Would surely going to research more into it and provide you further more details.


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