Your mental and physical health are the two most valuable things. Now-a-days people gives importance to physical health but mental health is at bottom of their priority list.


  • Instead of being available to everyone start being available to yourself.
  • Accept the truth that people change with time and situations.
  • The golden rule of life is : Stop expecting and start accepting.
  • Start spending time with your family, they will never leave you in any situation and you can trust them. They will give you pure love.
  • Allow yourself to feel the emotions inside.
  • Embrace your anxieties and fear, don’t run from them.
  • Cut all the connections with people who gives you negative vibes.
  • Sometimes start being selfish for your own happiness.
  • Stop giving replies to calls and messages that gives you negative vibes.
  • Stop trusting the words and observe the actions.
  • Start exploring nature feels its beauty.
  • Try some healthy activities like yoga, meditation and light workout that will give you internal peace and refresh your mind.

Preyanshu Bisht

Founder and Author of Times of Reality. Undergraduate student at IP University with Computer Science as major.

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