Types of shoes every guy must have

The first thing people subconsciously notice about others is there footwear. Your footwear or shoes says a lot more about your personality than any other factor in your clothing. It sets up the tone for an entire look and more importantly it completes one’s look. Here are the types of shoes everyone must have to have a perfect look :

1. A Pair of Simple Sneaker: For daily use people should wear a nice and simple pair of shoes instead of a loud obnoxious pairs that everyone notices. Recently all the big brands are making them like Balenciaga or other big multi color  that people wear with their outfit and it looks bad. Instead of making this mistake everyone should focus on simple footwear that go with your outfit like these:

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  1. White United colors of Benetton Sneaker 
  2. Black United Colors of Benetton Sneakers
  3. Navy Blue Sparx Sneaker
  4. Black United Colors of Benetton Men’s Sneaker
  5. Navy Blue and Tan Sparx Men’s Sneaker


2. A Pair of Formal Shoes: The biggest mistake people make is wearing sneakers or sports shoes with their formal outfit like a suit or formal shirt. It looks so bad when people don’t wear formals with their formal outfit and go out. Many people think sneaker and sports footwear are comfortable so they should wear it but if you invest in a good quality formals it will be as comfortable as your sneaker and sports shoes and looks great with your formal outfit. The two must have formals that every person should buy right now if they don’t have a pair are black formals and a pair of brown formals (like given below) these two will look good with most of your outfits and if you already have them you should buy a pair of tan color formals for better looks.

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  1. Black Bata Jorah Formals
  2. Brown Bata Declan Formals
  3. Brown Alberto Torreis Protom Formals
  4. Tan Bata Formals
  5. Brown Centrino Formal Shoes


3.A pair of simple sports shoes: Some people wear a pair of sports shoes everywhere with their denim, with their dress shirts and every other outfit. Sports footwear are made for sports and improving your performance in sports giving you a better grip and not for going to a party or to a club. People should wear their sports footwear when they are going out to play or when they are going to gym or for any other physical activity and not anywhere else. If u are looking for some nice looking good quality sports shoes here are some for you:

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  1. Black Sparx SM-482 Sports Shoes
  2. Grey Sparx SX046g Running Shoes
  3. White Sparx Mens Running Shoes
  4. Black Bolt Running Shoes
  5. Campus Men’s Royce-2 Running Shoes



4.A pair of loafer: This is the most versatile footwear it goes with every outfit either formal or casual all you need to do is to find the right pair of loafers for your outfit. There are different type of loafer but the most common are the leather loafers that goes with your formal outfits and give a you nice and cool party look and there are other type of loafers made up of cloth or other lighter material for casual outfit that look good with your casual shirt or t-shirt and denims. Here are some of the most stylish pair of loafers that you should definitely have :

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  1. Blue Red Tape Loafer
  2. Tan Lee Cooper Casual Loafer
  3. Seawood Green Louis Stitch Suede Leather Loafer
  4. Black Stanton Men’s Loafer


5. A pair of traditional Indian shoes: In the Indian culture with so many events in marriages and the festivals like Diwali people often wear nice traditional outfits but forget about the most important thing of their look their footwear. Everyone should buy a nice pair of traditional footwear for their traditional outfit so they don’t mess up their whole traditional look. Here are some example of the must have traditional shoes that every guy should own:

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  1. Teek Fausto Slip on Ethnic Juttis
  2. Brown Ramraj Traditional Majaris
  3. White Ryag Traditional Juttis
  4. Brown Ramraj Traditional Leather Juttis





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