What Are The Types Of Coffee

People generally face problem in distinguishing the different types of coffee. If someone doesn’t know the the type then he/she will not know what types he/ she should prefer while giving the order. So, not just knowing the names but knowing the ingredients or quantity of the products used is important.


1. Espresso

Espresso is a coffee-making method of Italian origin, in which a small amount of nearly boiling water is forced under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. It’s quantity is around 30-35 ml.

Espresso = Coffee Powder + Water

2. Americano


Americano is a type of coffee drink prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, traditionally brewed coffee. The strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso and the amount of water added.

Americano = Espresso + water

3. Macchiato

The drink Macchiato, sometimes called espresso macchiato, is an espresso with a small amount of milk, usually foamed.


Macchiato = Espresso + Milk Foam

4. Flat White


A flat white is a coffee drink consisting of espresso with milk in more quantity.

Flat White = Espresso + Milk

5. Latte

Latte is made with espresso, milk and milk foam where the quantity of milk is more as compared to espresso. So, the strength coffee is less.

 Latte = Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam


6. Cappuccino


A cappuccino is an espresso-based drink that originated in Italy, and is traditionally prepared with milk and  milk foam. Variations of the drink involve the use of cream instead of milk, using non-dairy milks, and flavoring with cinnamon or chocolate powder. Latte and Cappuccino is almost same except milk is less in cappuccino. Hence, Cappuccino is stronger than Latte.

Cappuccino = Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam (stronger than latte)

7. Mocha

Mocha, also called mocaccino, is a chocolate-flavoured variant of a latte. Other commonly used spellings are mochaccino and also mochachino.

 Mocha = Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam + Chocolate Syrup


Some Other widely used terms

Frappe: Iced drink

Frappuccino: Frappe + Cappuccino Which means iced coffee.

Extra shot: Espresso is called Extra Shot. This term is used when someone needs a stronger version of the coffee which he/she has ordered.

Add Ons: Add ons can be anything used with or in coffee. It can be different cream, ice creams or some different kinds of milks can be used as per the people’s wish.


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